Week # 8 Imagination Is The One Thing That Will Change Everything

Do you remember when you were young and you had the audacity to dream and imagine what you wanted to become when you grew up? Often we would choose many different careers for ourselves all at the same time all on the same day.  Today we would be an astronaut and fireman tomorrow a doctor or a nurse.  It was much easier to image things for ourselves before we were conditioned by the negative influences and destructive thoughts over the years of living life.

In this journey, we have come to learn everything we see with the naked eye is the effect of a cause imagined by man. Have you given much thought to what you are creating with your imagination? Imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thoughts and experience. It leads to the development of ideas out of which your future is born.

Imagination is powerful and a constructive form of thought that must be exercised daily. Last week our assignment of no negative thoughts was the building blocks to strengthen our imagination.  We cannot entertain weak, harmful negative thoughts all day long and expect to produce strong positive creative thoughts for a life of opulence and abundance.

Thoughts + Feelings = HABITS = Leads your Actions = Produce Results in your life

Want Something Different? Think Something Different. It all begins and ends with your Imagination.

 Look closer at the picture. What do you see?

Week # 7 Transform Your Thinking

For one full week we were assigned the task of eliminating all negative thoughts.  No thoughts of failure, disappointment, trouble, criticism, spite, jealousy, condemnation of self or others, sickness or accidents. Any thoughts of limitation or pessimistic thinking must be eliminated.     (Romans 12 :2)

Everything in our life – state of our body, whether healthy or sick, the state of our fortune, whether prosperous or impoverished, the state of our home, whether happy or not, the present condition of every phase of our life is predetermined by our thoughts and feelings of the past.

Thoughts and Feelings make up our Beliefs which forms our Habits which determines our Actions which cause Results (wanted or unwanted) to show up in our lives.

I discovered in the act of replacing my negative thoughts for positive ones, the Law of Substitution, I was able to keep negative thoughts at bay longer if I kept my thoughts in the context of giving more to get more .  We often welcome this principle when we are speaking of something positive. But this same law works for something negative as well.

So, if I’m giving resentment, judgment, fear, worry, drama, anxiety, attitude or just being crabby. I will get more of the same it is called the Law of Sowing and Reaping. If I give negative thoughts power I will get more negative thoughts, for what we give we shall receive.

No wonder our world our environment is so chaotic because we are freely giving into negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors 24/7.  We reserve our good thoughts and Love for a few special people or circumstances instead of for every person we encounter in our lives.  If we begin each day with Love in our hearts our world would be different starting inside out.

We must take 100% responsibility for what we put out into this world regardless if we are provoked or not. The only pure emotion is Love. God is Love and we are made in His image therefore we are Love if we only choose it.

You cannot change your environment while leaving your mind unchanged. Transform your thinking will transform your life.

Week #6 The Power of Concentrated Thoughts

Have you ever tried to start a fire with a sun beam of light and a magnifying glass when you were a kid?

A focus stream of sunlight through a magnifying glass can produce a small spark that could potentially lead to a raging wild fire left unattended.

The power and strength of focused thoughts can be compared to a steady ray of sunlight shining through a magnifying glass. If the light rays, (our thoughts), are concentrated and focused we are much more likely to see apparent effects in our environments.

Scattered thoughts are less powerful. However, if we focus our thoughts through attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time nothing becomes impossible for you through Faith.

This week we were assigned to give no opinions or judgment on anything unless we were asked or if you were an expert in the area of your comments. My discovery this week is most often our opinions are just scattered light through a moving magnifying glass with no apparent positive effect in our lives.

I challenge you to begin to control your thoughts. Choose any single object or picture and concentrate your attention on it for 10 minutes noticing every single detail about it, (clothes, facial expression, time of day, background, moods, etc.). Now close your eyes and paint the picture in your mind seeing every detail as if you were looking directly at it. It will be difficult at first because your mind will wander dozens of times but just keep bringing your thoughts back to the intended target and over time with practice it will become easier and easier.

We know thoughts = things so we must assign attention and concentration to harness our thoughts to receive power to change our world.

Week #5 You Get What You Think Not What You Desire

How do you get what you don’t have? It first begins with a thought. Ninety percent of our mental life is subconscious. Most fail to make use of the tremendous power of the subconscious mind and live a very limited life.

The subconscious can and will solve any problem we have if we learn to control our thoughts. Our thoughts are received by the conscious mind and passed through the subconscious like entering an unlocked door. We are today accumulations of past thinking/thoughts.

Most of us are familiar with thoughts, (world within) create things in our current environment, (world without). I’ve discovered The “Law of Attraction”, doesn’t bring things we like or the things we wish for or the things someone else has, but it brings us “our own” the things we have created by our thoughts whether consciously or unconsciously.

Desiring, wanting or coveting things will not make it show up in your life if you don’t believe/ think you deserve it or you can have it. This law works in conjunction with your thoughts (world within) not the things (world without). You can desire or want something and not think you deserve it or can have it.

The source of all power and life is already inside of you. THINK about It!

Week #4 Habits Determines Our Actions

Our subconscious mind (elephant) is extremely large compared to our conscious mind (ant). It forms the seat of our habits which determines our actions. A subconscious thought triggers instantly up to 4 billion neuron-net connections. These long time connections determine your mental identity like a finger print. Our hypothalamus controls our emotions/feelings and fires corresponding peptides to reinforce this identity.

Thoughts + Feelings + Beliefs = HABITS determines Actions = Results (what shows up in the world without)

In my journey this week I’ve learned some of my self sabotaging is chemically induced by peptides which have an affinity for our emotions/feelings that are linked to our thoughts.  This combination of feeling, thoughts and peptides keeps us in a never ending cycle of disappointment and failures. We are addicted to these peptides, triggered by feelings we often enjoy or that is beneficial to us.

Habits are constantly reinforced by peptides that are created based upon the feelings we associated with a behavior. For example, the cycle of dieting and re-gaining weight is stimulated by the good feelings/emotions associated with weight loss (attention received, compliments, accolades, getting into that outfit, or going to a special event, etc.) all can make a person feel good and confident so over time subconsciously a person regains the weight to recapture the good feelings triggered by those addictive peptides when the weight is lost.  This reinforces the emotions you crave which sets you up for repeated cycles of losing and gaining weight.

It all begins with a Thought and why renewing your mind is so very important Romans 12:2

Week 3 – What Are You Thinking About?

Do you ever think about your thoughts? You have been Wonderfully Made! Your conscious mind is composed of approximately 2000 neuron synapses and your subconscious mind is composed of about 4 billion neuron synapses. The subconscious mind is enormous and it’s like an elephant next to an ant. The subconscious guides us, warns us, directs our thoughts and controls vital body processes. It is the seat of our memory and where habits are born.

Our Thoughts linked with Feelings determine our Beliefs = HABITS

Our habits, (world within), determines our destiny (world without). I’ve discovered this week we need to be more vigilant about what we are thinking. Our conscious mind (the gate keeper) should be on duty at all times to keep out unbelief, false thoughts or anything that we don’t want mirrored in our world.

The reflection of this mirror is called, “The Law of Attraction,” which is thoughts concentrated on a definite object or purpose and becomes power.  Conditions like lack of harmony, fear, worry, poverty, disease, and evils of all kind can dominate us by unguarded subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind does not engage in the process of proving what is receives from the conscious mind as truth or not.  And for this reason it is important to guard your thoughts as instructed in bible Philippians 4:8. So………… what are you thinking about?

                                      THOUGHTS becomes THINGS